Dungeons, Serpents and an Eifel Structure

Niort is just under 45 minutes drive from us at la Menantelierre, we recommend that you park at La Breche car park in the very centre of the town, the map below shows a suggested route from la Breche to the Market Hall, dungeons and then back along pedestrianised backstreets where there are plenty of opportunities to find somewhere to eat. We suggest you visit on a Thursday or Saturday as those are the market days when the town really comes to life.

Walking with the serpents, an unusual piece of street art which will entrance your kids as you walk from la Breche towards the centre of town and the market hall.

The market halls, designed by Gustav Eifel who also designed a tower you might have heard of in Paris, are a great place to buy fresh produce.

Why not stop at one of the many cafes that surround the market square for a spot of people watching and a cafe au lait, citron presse or perhaps a glass of wine.

The Dungeon is right next to the market and makes for an interesting visit after a stroll around the market.

Walk along the Rue Sainte Marthe on your way back to la Breche. There are a variety of shops to tempt you as well as plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat.

The square at La Breche is a lovely open space in the heart of the town and there are plenty of places around the edge of the square to stop for a drink or perhaps a meal.