Walking Guides

The local area has plenty to attract the casual or committed walker, we are slowly but surely compiling some guides for the walks we enjoy. Watch this space!

We have a selection of Walking Maps for the region – similar in nature to Ordnance Survey Explorer maps they provide a great level of detail for the outdoor enthusiast.

The view from on high

The view from Vassonieres. Whilst we enjoy lovely views from the garden a more dramatic view can be achieved by walking up to Vassonieres by following the route on this Google Maps link. This trek up the hill and back down should take an hour.


A loop via Salvaison

For the more adventurous how about a loop via Salvaison, Google Maps cannot see that there is a path from the Vendee valley up to Salvaison but it is easy to work out the route. You cross the river at the bottom of the valley and then follow the track up the hill, after a while you will reach a fork in the path, take the left hand path that will bring you out in the hamlet of Salvaison. 

In the interim you can obtain official walking guides from the Comite Departemental Randonnee Pedestre.