Fontenay le Comte

Fontenay is a very pretty market town in the Vendee, en route to the coastal town of La Rochelle. It is just half an hours drive from la Ménantelière and takes you through beautiful Vendée countryside. We suggest this route and parking near the tourism office.

The car park near the new tourism office has plenty of space although you might want to park in the shade. The tourism office offers plenty of information on the town and the region.

After a quick visit to the tourist office walk towards the river and then head up towards rue de la republique, the main thoroughfare that runs through the centre of the town. Crossing the river on the pedestrian bridge if you wish.

Cross over the rue de la republique and head for the market. There is a lovely 2 storey market hall with a wide variety of stalls. There are also market stalls along the adjacent street.

Beyond the market why not explore the back streets and the banks of the Vendée river, the source of which is very close to us at la Ménantelière. If you are feeling hungry there are a variety of places to eat on the rue de la republique or around the market.

The chateau Terre-Neuve is a beautiful chateau within easy walking distance of the town centre.

Chateau Terre Neuve close to the centre of Fontenay-le-Comte