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About the Deux Sevres and Vendee Departments

The Deux Sevres and Vendee departments offer the visitor a wealth of attractions and a climate that is only second to the Mediterranean in hours of annual sunshine enjoyed. The Deux Sevres department is south of the Loire and north of Bordeaux rivers. 

Charentes Maritimes and Marais Poitevins are generic names given to parts of the region in lieu of its department name.

With no commercial airport or Peage within in its borders the Deux Sevres can be regarded as being slightly off the beaten track, however this is a virtue and it is not unusual to hear of the Deux Sevres as being regarded as France’s best kept secret.

The Vendee department relies heavily on tourism, more than 80% of its economy is dedicated to this sector. It is very popular with the Parisiens as it is less than 2 hours by TGV from Paris to the Atlantic Coast. As a result the department offers tourists a variety of attractions and destinations.

We are continuously updating our page of links to local places of interest, feel free to take a look. 

You will find the following publications of interest as they provide a wealth of English language local news and information on the region.

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The following are a series of articles we have found from Travel Writers that give you a feel for the attractions of the region.

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