We believe in Mermaids

This picture has pride of place in our kitchen. It was created for us by Noe and Ona who stayed with us recently.

It is our first ever thank you picture and really made our day to think that our little guests would take the time to make this lovely picture during their holiday.

As you can see Noe and Ona loved the swimming pool.

We work hard to ensure that our guests have the best holiday experience with us and it looks like Noe and Ona certainly did.

It was lovely to be able to show them the gardens, to let them pick freshly grown fruit and vegetables and for them to feed our pigs and the chickens next door. We think that for little ones this kind of experience is invaluable in learning where food comes from.

They also liked seeing Ruby and Ada, our two outdoor cats who like being close to humans and really want to be indoors cats.

Best of all was hearing the shrieks of delight and laughter as they enjoyed their time in the pool. Is it any wonder that that they drew us a mermaid?

We say that Happy Holidays Happen Here and for Noe and Ona it looks like we kept our promise.

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