Local Attractions

Tourism is the largest component of the local economy as a result there are numerous attractions for visitors of all ages to enjoy in the Deux Sevres and Vendee departments. 

In this section we have compiled a collection of attractions under various headings, be sure to check as this section of our website is under continuous revision. You will find more information on each of the following pages:

A map of all our local attractions can be found using our Google Map of the area. You may also find the Vendee Guide site of interest, a guide to the attractions of the Vendee that has been assembled by an enthusiastic Briton it provides a great deal of information on things to see and do in the Vendee. Vendee Tourism is another useful site for the region.

A really great guide to the area can be found on the in the Vendée website and blog, it offers a great mix of blog and pictures of the region with some great articles giving you ideas for days out, events and the history of the region. Another local guide (in French but Google Chrome browser will translate it for you) is Vendée Accueil which also includes coverage of the Melusine area.