Pretty Vouvant and its Tower

Vouvant has been adjudged to be one of the prettiest villages in France. It enjoys a unique location with the river surrounding the village on three sides. We are fortunate that it is less than 20 minutes drive from us here at la Menantelierre.

We suggest taking the route from Puy de Serre as you will also get a chance to see the forests that abound in the area.

We have suggested a route as shown in this map, obviously you don’t have to follow all the steps and it is difficult to get lost in such a small village but walking along the back streets of the village to our minds adds to its charm.

The tower Melusine is a great place to start your visit. If it is locked you can ask for the keys from the cafe across the road, just don’t forget to give them back.

The view from the top is well worth the climb. You can see how the village is surrounded by the river and why this settlement was chosen for its defensive characteristics.

From the tower take the path down towards the river bank. You can then follow a path along the banks of the river as it skirts around the village.

At some points you will be able to see the ancient defensive walls of the village.

If you fancy a slight detour from the suggested route you can follow the path up from the Postern gate to the old ramparts.

From the ramparts you can look down on to the river. Once you have surveyed the view we suggest you walk back down to the river bank and continue to follow the river round to the ancient bridge that spans the river.

Eventually you will arrive to the main road leading into the village from Puy de Serre. There is a little cafe next to the bridge where you can rest up and enjoy a cold drink or ice cream.

From here we suggest you take the back streets rather than the main road into the centre of the village. The street patterns are dictated by the contours of the land and the route of the river surrounding the village and make for a pleasant stroll back towards the church.

There are plenty of pretty properties to admire as you gradually walk up towards the church.

As with most French villages the church dominates the centre. It is well worth taking a look inside to admire the statues and the stained glass windows.

If you are feeling brave you can venture down into the crypt.

On leaving the church you can make your way back to the Melusine tower and if you are feeling hungry you can try eating at the Auberge de Maitre Pannetier or the Cafe Coeur du Miracle opposite the Melusine tower itself.

Wherever you chose to stop and eat or drink we are sure you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the village of Vouvant.