SVT do it again

Sud Vendée Tourism do a great job of promoting the region, their latest example can be viewed using this link.

You don’t have to rely upon Sud Vendée Tourism or ourselves, here is Lonely Planet’s view of the attractions of the Poitou-Charentes region.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel has listed Poitou-Charentes as one of the Top Ten Regions of the world to visit:

What makes Poitou-Charentes so different from the rest of France is that it encapsulates the best of France in one small, easily digestible region. Put simply, Poitou-Charentes combines all the best clichés of the French countryside – the sleepy rural villages, the endless fields of sunflowers and the delicious food and drink – and this alone makes it different from every other region in the country.

Much more laid back than the Med (but with almost as much sunshine) and ideally suited to family holidays, this is a place where you can slow the pace right down, settle in and indulge in the finer things life has to offer.” 

Taken directly from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel

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