Les Etoiles

Les Etoiles

One of the delights of La Menantelierre is the awe inspiring night sky. It is only when you move to a rural location that you appreciate how light pollution deprives us of a phenomena that captivated our ancestors. After sunset you suddenly realise just how dark the night can be.

August is the ideal month to appreciate the drama of the night sky as the Perseid meteor shower is at its peak in mid August. The Leonids meteor shower in November is also quite spectacular. 

It is quite possible to see some of the planets in our solar system using binoculars. Check out the graphic showing the relative size of our planets, the sun and other stars – puts our little rock in to quite staggering perspective.

Space hardware in the form of satellites and the International Space Station can also be observed tracing their path across the night sky. Track the ISS using the ISS Tracker Website or WheretheISS.at?

The Heavens Above Website provides information on when the ISS will be visible.

Finally we had to include this image of Earth as viewed from Saturn, all that we know is on that little dot in the vastness of space.