Les Animaux

Berkshire Piglets

We keep pigs who in turn keep our young visitors entertained. You are welcome to go see our pigs and to feed them windfall fruit.

Our pigs are in an enclosure that is protected by an electric fence. They have plenty of room in which to forage and a home made pig ark in which to sleep.

Your little ones will be amused by their behaviour, especially when they run up and down.

In addition to our pigs we have two resident outdoor cats, Ruby and Ada. Mister Ruby (or White Socks) is very friendly and easy going, miss Ada is timid but likes to be near people but not too close!

Ruby will try to convince you to feed him, please don’t. He will also try to come into the Gite, again please don’t let him.

He will be happy to be stroked and picked up.

Miss Ada is very elegant but likes to keep her distance.

She is fond of human company but not keen on being stroked or picked up.

You might also see Geckos who enjoy the warm sunshine, they normally move very quickly!

This one fell in to a water bucket and was happy to dry out before running away.

The farm next door has chickens in an enclosure next to our gardens so your little ones can see them up close.

They will happily eat vegetable and fruit waste if you have any.